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by Fredrich Herdt Jr.
Stewart Law Group

I want to thank the Stewart Law Group and especially my personal attorney Robert Howard for the fine work they did in handling my custody case. I found your firm very professional and if I ever needed your service again I certainly would use Mr. Howard. He was worth the price.

by Robyn Rahrman
Stewart Law-Kareen O'Brien

I was happy to have Kareen represent me with my custody case... she has great experience and knowledge with family court and was able to help ease my anxiety that any mother would have "fighting" for her children and their best interests. Kareen was a straight shooter with me, I felt like she was honest with me whether I wanted to hear it or not, she knows the laws. Kareen showed a great amount of empathy to what I was dealing with and going thru, which to me spoke volumes to know she too has "real, human" feelings too! The other staff members Ruthie, Erica and Lisa were all just as friendly and accommodating to my needs as well and very responsive. Great group of people to work with! Thank you again.

by Steven Polakowski
The Stewart Law Group is Great

I would highly recommend the Stewart Law Group. I worked with Dianne Sullivan on a case to get full custody of my son. Dianne was always available to answer question (even one night when she was on vacation and I had an emergency). Dianne was an amazing sounding board for all my questions and concerns. With her help I was able to put together a very solid case and got what was needed and best for my son. We did not even have to go to court. I had contact with several members of the Law Firm, and everyone I worked with was professional and helpful.

by Christina Gillaspie
Melissa Bower is Amazing!

Melissa is organized, professional, motivated, and timely. I would completely and HIGHLY recommend her for any family law case. I have been a client of hers for almost three years through a difficult divorce and custody case. She was compassionate and aware of the difficult situation, always putting the needs of my two small children in front of all else.The entire office staff was timely as well. From accountants to paralegals, all were extremely efficient, therefore costing me less!I am very grateful and appreciative to have had Melissa and her team with me and will continue to use her in the future if need be!

by Mike Burnett
Melissa Bower is Great!

Melissa is pragmatic, responsive, smart and efficient, and I do not hesitate in giving my 5 star rating for the way she handled my divorce. It's no secret that legal advice is a really expensive commodity, and I was pleased that Melissa used it wisely. Her objective seemed to be the best result for me, as opposed to just billing hours. This was in stark contrast to my first attorney, who kept reminding me how reasonable her rate was, but seemingly planned to bill me forever. One task in particular was done by Melissa in around an hour, where my prior attorney had billed me for 5 hours for the same task. In addition, I came to discover that Melissa is a nice and genuine person, which means something to me. I didn't want an ego driven shark whose goal is to destroy the opposition.
As regards the wider Stewart Law Group, I was really impressed by the way they had leveraged technology and implemented effective processes to drive value for money. For instance, you get a regular diet of automated e-mails that explain the legal basics of your case. You don't need to burn expensive lawyer time asking about the legal process.
Divorce can be ugly and painful, and I'm glad that Melissa & the team had my back.