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Termination of parental rights in juvenile court

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Speaker 1: This is Arizona Family Talk Radio, a podcast about all things family. With your host, family law attorney, Scott David Stewart. Scott Stewart: Hello everybody, I’m attorney Scott David Stewart. Welcome to Arizona Divorce Talk Radio. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Arizona attorney, Carrie Cravatta. Carrie, how are you. Carrie: […]

Fraud Upon the AZ Court By Fraudulent Paternity Acknowledgment

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Arizona fraudulent paternity acknowledgement case summary. Ernest Alvarado v. Hon. Peter A. Thompson, Nicholas Murrietta, Vanessa Raquel Trujillo, Yvette Alvarado The child’s mother and a man who was not the child’s biological father executed a fraudulent paternity acknowledgment. His intention was to get the child outside Arizona’s legal adoption process. This paternity acknowledgement was a […]

Can I trade Child Support for Parenting Time?

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Scott Stewart: The question is, can one parent essentially trade child support for parenting time? Often time we get asked a question of if I give up my parenting time, or maybe one parent offers to not have the other parent pay if they agree not to see the child, or something along those lines. […]

AZ Custody Statute Bars Mother’s Request for Relocation Modification

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Arizona child custody modification case summary. Kamen Rae Murray v. Sean Noel Patrick Murray In this Arizona child custody modification case, the divorced parents had a recently-modified parenting time order. Only one month under the modified order, the mother proposed a move-away to Nevada. She intended to remarry and permanently relocate with the children. The […]

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