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Mother Awarded Attorney Fees in AZ Child Support Modification Case

Child Support

Arizona attorney fee award case summary. Richard Clark v. Ann Clark The children’s mother was awarded her attorney fees in this Arizona post-decree child support modification case. The father petitioned to modify the monthly child support amount, which the court did. But he was also assessed the mother’s attorney fees and costs. Father filed a […]

September Arizona Family Law Newsletter

Arizona Divorce

This summer went by fast for everyone here. So fast, we barely got our newsletter out on time. But here it is, ready for you to enjoy. Click here to read the September family law newsletter from the Arizona Law Group. What’s Inside? Scott David Stewart penned his thoughts on family check-ups (you know, check-ups […]

Can I trade Child Support for Parenting Time?

Child Custody, Podcasts

Scott Stewart: The question is, can one parent essentially trade child support for parenting time? Often time we get asked a question of if I give up my parenting time, or maybe one parent offers to not have the other parent pay if they agree not to see the child, or something along those lines. […]

Am I required to pay for my kids extracurricular activities?

Child Support, Podcasts

Scott Stewart: The question is: are you aware of, or does Arizona have a law that exists, that says that a court can address a child’s extracurricular expenses, and how each parent must pay for those? Jennifer: I don’t believe there is a specific statute that deals with extracurricular activities. I think that there is […]

Do the child support Guidelines apply if the parents live together?

Child Support, Podcasts

A common question our Arizona divorce lawyers hear is, “Do I have to pay child support if we live together?” or “does child support stop if the parents live together?” or “does my boyfriend have to pay child support if we live together?”   Child Support With Parents Living Together Scott Stewart: The question is […]

Wife Waited too Long to Enforce AZ Spousal Maintenance Order

Spousal Maintenance

Arizona spousal maintenance enforcement case summary. Gene R. Ames v. Julie L. Ames This case concerns a former wife’s delayed attempts at collecting spousal maintenance arrearages under Arizona law. (Spousal maintenance is similar to alimony.) Waiting too long to seek court enforcement of a spousal maintenance order could result in being forever barred under the […]

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