My husband just recently went to court to increase the child support order for his daughters mother as she wasn’t paying the 30% she was supposed to. Her mother had a second child 9 months ago, so according to the calculator that gives her a $303 deduction that makes her calculator come to $0. At mediation, the mediator confused my husband and convinced him her child support would be zero, even though this deduction is discretionary and not mandatory. Her mother ended with a $0 child support order and also is being allowed to claim her 50% of the years for taxes while my husband has Full financial responsibility of his daughter, and also has full custody of his daughter so she lives with us full time and only sees her mother 3 nights a month. Is this possible for her child support to be zero simply because she has a second child? Is it possible for her to be allowed to claim her 50% of the years with 0% child support paid?

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