I have been going to court since October 2014 for paternity and child support establishment. At the first hearing, paternity had been established and the court ordered a no past support judgement in favor of the obligee (my sons mother) for reasons that she failed to appear for the hearing and that I had been incarcerated from 2006-2013. In February 2016, my son’s mother again filed for child support. The petition asks for future support and the areas where past support and support for past expenses not to exceed 3 years has been crossed out. At this hearing, my son’s mother asked that the petition be withdrawn. The judge asked her if she was sure of her decision and told her that this would be her that this would be the last time she would see er on this issue. Then again in June of 2016, she filed again for child support. This time a new judge has been assigned to the case and she is asking for future support, past support for expenses for up to 3 years, and cost for past medical care. My first question is if the judge already ordered a no past support order can that be changed? And can I ask to have the original judge continue to see my case? My son will turn 18 a month after this next court date.