Ruthie Bowman

Ruthie met James Garner and Mel Gibson while they were shooting “Maverick” near Lake Powell. Who knew that helping her mother out in a local restaurant at night would bring such perks?

People say that Ruthie is “energetic, outgoing, charismatic, and always upbeat,” but it isn’t just her energy that’s an asset around the office. She’s also resourceful, detail-oriented, and thorough, and our clients say she’s patient and compassionate. Can you see why we hired her?

Ruthie obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from Western International University and graduated with a 3.8 GPA even though she was simultaneously working full-time. In a hurry to “get on with it,” she graduated from high school a semester early and took college courses starting in her junior year.

In her spare time, Ruthie likes to stay active camping and hiking. She’s also a sports enthusiast, especially when it comes to football (Go, Packers!) If you ever have occasion to ask her to lunch, she loves to eat good old-fashioned BBQ, Italian food, and Mexican food.

While she hasn’t yet had a chance to travel outside of the western U.S., number one on Ruthie’s travel wish list is Italy.