Robin Spielman

Robin Spielman


Robin is a dedicated and accomplished paralegal with a diverse academic background and a passion for helping others. She holds an undergraduate degree from NAU with dual certification in elementary and special education, a graduate degree in special education with a focus on applied behavior analysis, and an associate’s degree in paralegal studies.

Throughout her academic journey, Robin’s determination and hard work earned her the distinction of graduating summa cum laude from NAU. Notably, she achieved this remarkable feat later in life, making her mother exceptionally proud of her achievements.

Robin’s life has been colored with interesting and unique experiences. Among them, she attended the Hollywood movie premiere of ‘The Number 23,’ starring Jim Carey, and was even invited to the after-party. A chance encounter with a generous lady on the plane ensured that Robin had the perfect outfit for the event.

Outside of her professional life, Robin is actively involved in her community, spending time with foster children through a non-profit agency. Her interactions with these young souls bring her immense joy, and she hopes to brighten their lives with laughter and love.

When she’s not working or contributing to the community, Robin indulges in her creative side. She spends her free time painting and decorating themed dollhouses, which she generously gives away to children who want to create their own magical worlds. Some of her creations include a zoo, a doctor’s office, a carnival/circus, and an auto mechanic shop.

Family is of utmost importance to Robin, and she takes pride in raising two wonderful daughters who are currently attending college and working part-time. She cherishes every moment spent with them, whether it’s on day trips, weekend getaways, or their annual visits to Michigan to see family.

In the professional sphere, Robin’s colleagues describe her as outgoing and approachable. As a paralegal, she possesses a special talent for effective communication, ensuring that her clients fully understand their case process and what to expect. Her dedication to keeping clients informed and comfortable during legal proceedings sets her apart and makes her special to those she serves.