Liz Davenport | Paralegal

Paralegal Liz Davenport left Australia for the Big Apple in 2015. “Four adults living in an 800 square-foot apartment – my husband and I, plus our two adult children!” Liz embraced her time in NYC. Every day for a year she explored the city, taking in the NY Public Library, the museums, Central Park, and all the good food.

Liz has worked as a paralegal in Arizona since 2018. In addition to family law and divorce, she has experience in trademark, unfair competition, personal injury, and wrongful death cases.

People “forgive my Australian accent after we’ve chatted a bit,” she laughs. Aussie accent or not, Liz’ genuine concern for each of our clients shines through. She understands how difficult divorce is for families. “Life will get better after this!” Liz knows firsthand, having recently divorced after 30 years of marriage. “I understand the emotions involved. It’s important to have someone guide you through this difficult time.”

Liz earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science (Psychology) from Brisbane and her Bachelor of Laws from Melbourne. In 2014, she finished her Practical Legal Training (PLT) and Graduate Diploma from The Australian National University (an equivalent to the bar exam here). Liz was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland as a lawyer before she moved to the U.S. “Being a paralegal is my second career,” she notes. “My first was social worker for Child Protection.”

With her psychology and social worker background, Liz volunteered to handle incoming calls on a mental health crisis line. She also taught young mothers how to care for their new babies.

A regular on the pickleball court, Liz plays a few times a week to stay in shape and have fun. She’s been playing for a couple years now and knows the rules well. “I can hold my own, usually,” she laughs.

Always upbeat with an easy smile, Liz enjoys every minute with her grandson, “the cutest baby in the whole world.” Liz is also “dog mum” to Romeo, her I’m-not-at-all-spoiled Mini Labradoodle. The best of times are spent playing cards and board games with her grown children. Dining out is always great fun, especially when Liz finds a restaurant serving authentic Asian cuisine.

What’s Liz’ favorite travel destination? Australia of course!

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