Eric Marquez

When Eric Marquez joined us as Client Coordinator, we added a kind and positive person to our team. Just like his smile, Eric’s enthusiasm for helping others is infectious.

Among his many talents, Eric is a natural innovator and entrepreneur. “I’m always interested in finding ways to have another source of income,” he says. Lots of people have great ideas, but most will never take their ideas to the next level. When Eric’s creative mind lassos onto something good, he follows through with a plan and implementation. In fact, one of his recent accomplishments is starting a rental car business – all on his own. At the law firm, his skills and problem-solving abilities also enhance the client experience.

Eric has been building his legal career since 2015 when he graduated from high school. After obtaining his Associate’s Degree, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Law from ASU. He will complete his Paralegal Studies Certificate through Phoenix College in May 2023. What’s next? “My ambition is to one day go to law school,” he insists.

In minutes, Eric puts clients at ease so they can communicate better. Personable and calming, Eric gently guides the conversation to address each individual’s legal questions and immediate needs. He’s had a lot of practice at this. He took a call center position before starting college (and are we glad he did). “My call center experience provided me with the ability to empathize with clients, to get a feeling for what they need.”

As for staying fit and exercising, Eric says he’s “been on a health kick for a few years now.” His workout routine includes boxing and cross-fit training. This is a plus because Eric enjoys eating good food. Chinese is his favorite cuisine, but he’s is willing to try others – “I’m always willing to try new foods!”

Would he travel more if time allowed? “I would definitely do it!” One place he wants to visit more is New York City. And once his mind is set, things get done.

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