Chloe Moore | Legal Assistant/Reception

As legal assistant and reception, Chloe Moore’s bright smile and warm handshake mark the first contact our clients, associates, and visitors have with the firm. They love her as much as we do. Chloe is an ideal representative of our legal team because first impressions are lasting impressions.

Confident and quick to lend a helping hand, Chloe enthusiastically embraces the challenges of each new day. Her positive attitude and boundless energy are contagious. (Just step aside when she’s carrying a dust cloth – Chloe’s a neatnik who keeps her office surroundings clean and tidy.) If asked how a very busy day is going, she’ll tell you she’s “made it around the sun many times” and has “every intention of keeping that momentum going.” She means it!

Chloe currently attends ASU and Mesa Community College. She is working toward a BS in Sociology, which speaks volumes about her aptitude and professional goals. Someone who has always taken education seriously, Chloe was valedictorian of her high school. Not wanting to be left out of the action, she was also the 2012 graduating class president and head of both prom and grad class committees.

Empathetic by nature, a few kind words from Chloe helps wash some of the day’s tensions away. She has as much fun getting people to laugh as they do laughing, insisting “I can do a really good impression of a French man with a frog stuck in his throat.” And you know what? She can!

Active and athletic, Chloe is an accomplished skier, horseback rider, and soccer player. She’s a Sunday regular at her community pool, too, making sure she gets in some laps before the work week starts afresh. She follows current events closely, catching up on the news of the day with NPR. A Game of Thrones fan, it pains her to say “Season 8 was a real let down.” She would never let her Thrones disappointment ruin a “good gift wrapping session” paired with a little wine and the right music.

An active volunteer, Chloe is not afraid to take on some of the heavy lifting. Every year she assists the needy at soup kitchens. Every summer she distributes cold bottles of water to help our homeless survive the brutal heat. For Chloe, there’s nothing better than lifting other people’s spirits along with your own.