Cathy Dowell | Legal Support Supervisor

Whenever clients meet with paralegal Cathy Dowell, they know they’ll be greeted by her steady gaze and friendly smile. Always ready for the next challenge, Cathy’s earnestness and self-confidence reflect skill and experience in her chosen profession. To follow her example is to make the most out of life by making each day count.

Along with Cathy’s easy-going manner is an infectious sense of optimism. A trait she shares with her great uncle, the late Gene Kelly – dancer, choreographer, actor, producer, and director extraordinaire. Cathy’s distant cousin is the late actor, producer, director and WWII fighter pilot, William Conrad (the voice of The Fugitive). Overcoming obstacles runs in the family!

Cathy shines when the lights are upon her, figuratively speaking of course. She never allows the stress of the moment to interfere with problem-solving or getting things done timely for clients. And she can be depended upon to anticipate what the attorney and client may need and to deliver results on time or ahead of schedule. Cathy’s tried and true, through and through.

Each member of SLG’s staff is uniquely accomplished, including Cathy. To say she knows her way around the courtroom understates her contributions. She spent almost 24 years assisting career judges and attorneys here in Arizona. For the past nine years, her focus has been family law practice. Cathy is passionate about helping clients overcome the ups and downs of separation, divorce, and child custody proceedings.

Raised in southern California, Cathy began her legal career as a free-lance court reporter for busy courthouses in Los Angeles and Riverside counties. Who said there’s no adventure in court reporting? A 10-day deposition for Chrysler took her to Mexico City, Mexico, once. Although that was some time ago, she still enjoys traveling and authentic Mexico City cuisine.

When Cathy moved to Phoenix years ago, she was a courtroom clerk for the Maricopa County Superior Court. After only a year, she was hand-picked by the Judge to work as his judicial assistant. During her tenure as judicial assistant, she worked for three superior court judges. Over nearly two decades with the superior court, Cathy saw important developments unfold in substantive law, court procedures, and courtroom technology.

Away from work on evenings and weekends, Cathy enjoys baking and spending precious time with her child at home with their animals. Somehow she also finds time to support area youth groups. It’s all about making the most out of life.