Cam Mitchell

When paralegal Cam Mitchell joined our team in 2022, we knew she was a special kind of person. Someone who would apply herself and do everything possible to assist our clients. That if a seemingly impossible task needed intense focus, Cam had the energy and skills to handle it. We knew she would dig-in and get the job done smartly and efficiently.

What we didn’t know was that Cam had a hand in breaking an important U.S. historical mystery. She took a personal interest in working with a group of WWII historians to solve a decades-long military puzzle in the Northern Pacific. That mystery was the disappearance of her grandfather’s plane during the June 1942 Battle of Dutch Harbor in Alaska Territory, as it was then. Her grandfather and the entire flight crew were lost. How appropriate that Cam would help researchers find the answers.

Cam earned her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies in 1990 and was honored with the Donna O’Neill Award for Excellence in Paralegal Studies. A year after graduation, Cam became a Certified Paralegal. Then in 2017, having accrued substantial experience in the practice of divorce and family law, she became an Advanced Certified Family Law Paralegal. Cam’s tenacity and drive to help people is the cornerstone of her paralegal practice.

Some people run toward danger, putting personal safety aside to help others. We see that trait in Cam, too. Case in point, while vacationing in Hawaii she rescued a drowning woman!

Being active in the community is very important to Cam. She volunteers with the Labor’s Community Service Agency food pantry and Disabled American Veterans. Being an animal lover, she also volunteers for Halo Animal Rescue.

Cam won’t be doing any professional singing, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying one of her favorite activities – Karaoke. “Can’t sing at all, but I love doing it!” she laughs. She enjoys musical theater and live music, too.

For six years running, Cam has held the title of Reigning Family Scrabble Champion. Her success comes with a high price, though. “Nobody in my family will play with me anymore!” At this point, no one should be surprised that Cam’s favorite TV show is Jeopardy. “I’m a fanatic,” she admits, “I actually use a pen as my signaling device and play along!” All right then, shall we start with Hodgepodge for $600 please?

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