Amy Marschel

Amy is accomplished in so many ways. Her Bachelor of Science degree is in Special Education K-12, but she is also a Dyslexia Specialist. She really enjoyed her years at University of Missouri-Columbia where she graduated magna cum laude. Amy owned and operated her own tutoring center for 13 years and was selected to be the motivational speaker for the East Valley Women’s League.

Amy has been in the limelight since high school. Carl Karchner, founder of Carl’s Jr., honored her with the Carl’s Jr. award for being the fastest hamburger flipper in Southern California. “I still have the watch he presented me!” says Amy.

Around the office, Amy is known for her outgoing, warm personality. She has that rare ability to make people really feel at ease no matter how difficult their circumstances. As a Marketing Director, she helps our clients with compassion, grace, optimism, and unflagging energy. A caring individual, Amy is confident in her work and believes in what she does.

In her spare time, Amy stays involved in a number of community activities. She’s a board member on the Tempe Union High Schools Education Foundation Board and a member of the East Valley Women’s League. In fact, you might also see her volunteering with The Cinderella Affair, a nonprofit organization that makes dreams come true for high school students needing new or gently used prom dresses. Many fairy godmothers, like Amy, help these young women “glam up” for their big events, right down to their glass slippers.

Always ready for adventure, Amy loves attending events and traveling, too. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, she met illusionist David Copperfield (she even had her picture taken with him). Her favorite travel destination? Barcelona, Spain.

Amy’s list of favorites is pretty lengthy, but two things clearly top the list. Her favorite movie of all time is, wait for it … the 1961 version of “The Parent Trap” with actress Hayley Mills playing the twin daughters. Her second favorite thing? She loves anything pumpkin! For her, pumpkin isn’t just for Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. She actually drinks pumpkin coffee everyday, 365 days a year. Now that’s a true pumpkin lover!