Dianne Sullivan | Mesa Divorce Attorney

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Dianne once represented a client who attacked someone with a samurai sword – all because of a dispute over a piece of Tupperware. Luckily, most of her cases since then have been much less … well, unusual.

She did once save the City of Tempe a bundle, though.

She researched a situation regarding the city’s duty to pay sales tax on CAP water purchased to fill the Tempe Town Lake. Her research led her to conclude that the city didn’t have to pay the taxes, and she drafted a memo about her findings to then governor Janet Napolitano.

A graduate of Arizona State University College of Law, Dianne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Seton Hall University, where she graduated cum laude with a minor in Criminal Justice. She was a member of the Women’s Law Forum and participated in a pro bono legal project with the Essex County Public Defender’s Office that gave her the opportunity to assist in indigent criminal defense cases.

Dianne has also done commentary on Tru TV for the Jodi Arias trial and was on a Channel 12 segment about getting a client’s arson case dismissed. She’s published, too – her article called “The Right to Privacy and the Constitution” was in the Seton Hall Law Review.

Outside of the office, Dianne focuses mostly on her kids, but she’s also a creative person who’s into photography (people tell her she should sell her pictures). She loves to catch the local music scene, especially when she travels to one of her favorite places – New Orleans. Her other favorite areas to visit are diverse, from the islands of the Caribbean to San Diego to Ireland.

Despite her busy schedule, Dianne finds time to give back to the community by working with the Volunteer Lawyer Program, Wills for Heroes, and Law Day (free public workshops produced by the State Bar of Arizona). She has also taught Spanish and given a few lessons on American law at her son’s schools.

Most importantly, Dianne takes her work to heart and approaches her cases from the vantage point of a single mom with kids. She knows what her family law clients are going through and can offer the sage advice of not just an experienced attorney, but also someone who has been there.

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