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Domestic Violence Articles

Phoenix Family Lawyer Helps Victims of Abuse

At the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, we know how difficult situations can be when issues like domestic violence or domestic abuse is involved. As a result, we are committed to representing clients and victims of domestic violence. We offer our experience and knowledge to these specific cases as they deserve special and immediate attention.

Due to the nature of domestic violence cases, we encourage victims of abuse to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. If you or your children are in danger due to domestic violence, consult a Phoenix divorce lawyer from our firm today. We proudly serve families and individuals in Phoenix, Arizona.

Divorce Involving Domestic Violence

In our 65 years of combined legal experience, we have seen many cases of divorce and separation. It is unfortunate, but a number of these cases are the product of years and years of repeated domestic abuse and violence. Though many are fearful to initiate legal action, we believe taking legal action can secure a positive outcome and help you move forward with confidence. We offer victims of domestic abuse the legal service and attention that they so rightly deserve: dedicated and committed.

When an abused spouse seeks divorce due to domestic violence, an already sensitive divorce matter has the potential to become even more delicate. As a result, domestic violence cases demand the attention of an experienced lawyer to help avoid further abuse in the future, protect you and your children from an abusive spouse / parent, and seek a positive outcome after such a traumatic event. If you want to learn more about domestic violence and how it may play a role in your divorce or family law matter, please reference the following articles we have provided for you on our site:

Because divorce due to domestic violence still involves the dissolution of a marriage, you need a lawyer who is well versed in divorce law and family law. Divorces under the grounds of abuse must still determine child custody, calculate child support, address terms for spousal maintenance if necessary, and equitably distribute any marital property. Because we are a firm that has dedicated a significant part of our practice to divorce law and criminal law, we are at a unique position to help your family if it has experienced any form of domestic violence.

Call the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart for Fierce Advocacy

If your divorce involves domestic violence, do not hesitate to contact a Phoenix divorce attorney from the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart. There are, however, cases in which accusations of alleged domestic violence may be made in order to manipulate courts into siding with one spouse over another in child custody or child support cases. In this event, we can also advocate fiercely for your rights as a parent. Being convicted of such a malicious charge could cause life-changing consequences, including loss of work, loss of custody of your children, and may even put you behind bars.

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