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Much like child custody cases, child support determinations have the potential to be incredibly emotional. Because much of your child's well-being and welfare can hinge on how you can support your child through their minor years, an accurate and agreeable child support determination is crucial. Yet, parents already going through the emotional and financial stresses of a break-up oftentimes find themselves arguing with one another if child support cannot be agreed upon. Couples who wish to find negotiable and agreeable terms for a child support plan can reach a satisfactory resolution with the help of a Phoenix divorce attorney from the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart.

Child Support in Arizona

Ultimately, child support is determined and used to pay for mandatory needs such as education, health care, and basic survival necessities, like food, shelter, and clothing. Parenting plans can be drafted — either informally or formally — which can then determine fair and equitable payments for child support. In order to create a level playing field for families in Phoenix, the state of Arizona has adopted a set of guidelines which determines rates of child support for families of similar backgrounds and financial standings. The guidelines are useful in eliminating unfair child support calculations, where one parent may be overpaying or receiving less than what their child may be entitled to.

Calculating Child Support

A number of factors contribute to a family's calculated rate of child support. Understanding what your family may or may not be entitled to is crucial to ensuring that your determined child support is accurate. The state of Arizona's Guidelines for child support are created based on a shared-income model, which essentially means child support is calculated as an approximate amount of what the parents would have spent on the child's welfare if they were still living with one another as one family unit. For more information about child support and the laws that dictate how your children may be provided for after a divorce, read the following articles provided on our site:

Of course, since each family is unique, speaking with a lawyer can help ensure that your calculated amount of child support is accurate or determine if child support modification is available to you. Should you need assistance if your spouse has refused to pay for child support, an attorney can help as well. Protecting your child is your number one priority, and at the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, we can offer our legal advice on how to protect your child's welfare.

Contact a Child Support Lawyer at the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart

With more than 65 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart have the knowledge that is required to represent you and your family in a child support case. One of the greatest gifts that we can offer to your family is solid legal advice during a time that may have brought uncertainty or strain. Enlisting in our services can provide a peace of mind during your divorce and family law matters.

Contact a Phoenix divorce lawyer at our firm for assistance if you are facing complications in your child support determination. Or, if you simply need direction on how to best approach your child support matters, we can offer our legal support as well. Call us to schedule your initial case evaluation and you can speak with a member of our team in confidence. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and our founding attorney, Scott David Stewart, is AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®. Trust a firm with experience. Call the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart today!

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