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Phoenix Drug Possession Attorney

Consequences of a Drug Possession Arrest in Phoenix

The possession of drugs is often underestimated in terms of its criminal consequences. However, under no circumstances should drug possession charges be taken lightly. The state of Arizona classifies drug possession as a felony offense, punishable by penalties such as sizeable fines and substantial jail time. If you want to avoid the consequences of a conviction for drug possession in Arizona, you should not wait to align yourself with an aggressive drug crime defense attorney at the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart.

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Whether you were arrested for possession of cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, prescription drugs or any other type of drugs, contact us now at the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart. Our Phoenix criminal defense attorney is a former prosecutor with more than a decade of experience in the courtrooms in the region, and our team is ready to work for you. If you take action now, we may be able to develop a defense strategy that could succeed in having the charges dismissed or securing a full exoneration.

Marijuana Possession Penalties

  • Less than Two Pounds – 12 Months in prison (max) and a $750 fine
  • Two to Four Pounds – 30 Months in prison (max) and a $750 fine
  • More than Four Pounds – 45 Months in prison (max) and a $750 fine

Defense Against Drug Possession Charges

The evidence in a drug possession case can sometimes be suppressed by demonstrating that it was obtained in violation of the defendant's constitutional right against a search without a warrant or probable cause. Another common approach is to argue that the defendant was not aware that the drugs were in his or her possession, thereby placing the burden of proof on the prosecutor to overcome the legal presumption that you are innocent.

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